Participation Goals George Roter | May 2016


 As part of his tour to most active communities in the country, George Roter visited Hyderabad recently, providing updates form the participation team and the programs that they are working on.The agenda includes the steps and actions to be taken to refresh and break the ice while providing clarity on the goals of Participation team, clarity on where Mozilla is heading.


Roter provided with us where Mozilla is heading and how to be part of it what are the major ares to be concentrated in coming days the insights include

  • Rust/servo
  • Campus Campaign
  • Innovation through connected devices

After a brief discussion of participation goals George made us to innovate our ideas through Design Thinking . We were divided into groups and started stating our daily life problems and have to solve those using Design Thinking .



We stated our problems stick to the wall and later we started solving them in a way that what are the deep causes for the problems and what lead to that problem and how can we solve those.After that we were asked to align


those problems with Mozilla made us to think in that way how these problems are related to Mozilla . We made it got clear approach on how to move forward to design and innovate .At the end of the session we took out traditional Foxy style Picture


Link to Event page Click Here

Events Photos Click Here




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