Securing Web @ZAP Day-5

5th day of workshop We explained about the ZAP Extensions and ZAP addons.  As ZAP is a powerful tool and we can add more features to make it more powerful.  Add ons and extensions adds some features to the present version of the ZAP tool.




While creating a new ZAP extension we explained following steps to create a new extension

Steps for building up Extension

Step 1:- Setting up the whole source on your IDE like Eclipse

Step 2:- Creating a new folder with the extension name in the ZAP Extensions folder. This folder consists of all the Java files and file.

Step 3:-  Defining the file with all the required text which is present in the extension.

Step 4:-  Refreshing the code and running our new extension.

In the ZAP source we need to convert an Extension into an Addon. So once the development of the Extension is complete then you can convert it into an addon.


For addon we need to generate a “ZapAddOn.xml” file which lies are the root folder of the source and it consists of contents about the addon and allows it to be loaded and unloaded dynamically.

Click here for Complete Documentation of ZAP Addons and Extensions

That was an totally an hands on  session 😀


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