Securing Web @ZAP Day-3

          3rd Day ZAP workshop started at time in the Collab House and I started taking pics as I was feeling little bored. Then after some time Sumanth Damarla started the workshop, starting with Day-2 Worksheet discussion where he briefly explained about the important key terms that are present in the worksheet.


Key Terms:
-> Clickjacking
-> X-Frame Options
-> Port 80 & Port 443
-> Privilege HTTPS
-> Third-Party API function
-> Input Validation
-> Blocklisting
-> Whitelisting


       After that we all had a 10 minutes break and we started tweeting about the ZAP event in the twitter. Then Sudarshan started talking about ZAP API UI and OWASP Summer Code Sprint 2015.



  Setting-up ZAP environment setting in the Eclipse.
ZAP Environment Setting:  


 Myself,Sudarshan and Sumanth helped out the Participants in installing ZAP in their Laptops.Ofcourse we faced few technical problems but at the end we successfully Installed the ZAP environment in all the laptops.




Again break for half an hour and had a palyed   OWASP Snakes & Ladders.
About it: Snakes & Ladders is an educational project. It uses gamification to promote awareness of application security controls and risks, and in particular knowledge of other OWASP documents and tools.


Game Time:
Started with six players all of them throwing dice one by one to decide who should start the game first. There is also a crazy thing going over their when we were playing the game that’s tweeting tweets in the twitter. So its a Game with a tweet.



After that we all had a group pic with Snakes & Ladders.

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