Mozilla India and My experince @MakerFest 2016




                            I would like to share my journey, i call it as a Journey  rather than experinece because the entire experience i had at MakerFest taught me what a journey does .Every Year Volunteers from Mozilla India represent Mozilla  at MakerFest this year myself  and  bunch of 7 other voIunteers from different parts of India represented Mozilla at MakerFest 2016(Ahmedabad) .


This is how We reached the venue by taking selfies on our way with our awesome swag .The fest is for 3 days everyday was  challenging and exciting .


The entire space was filled with creative stalls and awesome makers from different verticals which includes Mozilla stall too,

Mozilla Stall

Mozilla Stall

as the time passes away students ,makers and creators are turning out to know more about Privacy as our entire stall was filled with boards saying

1.”Privacy matters use Firefox “

2. Know who is tracking you online ?

3. Save the Internet

we started asking questions like, are you safe online ?  do you know who is tracking you ?  many of them surprised and  asked in return do they really track us  ? of course why not and  we used LIGHT BEAM add-on




to show them who is tracking online and we also taught them to use private browsing to be safe online ,many of them are not aware of keeping their data safe and private online , now after showing them LIGHT BEAM they realised that not every site is trustworthy and asked more about LightBeam , how to install it and how to use it ,we cleared everything and they were so happy that no one can track them now .



               The best thing about this day was students from local schools visited the fest and with lot of excitement they came to our stall to know more about  Privacy and LightBeam intially they thought that internt is only for  facebook and social networking sites ,we as a open source lovers explained them .



what actually you can do in internet  later they realised that there is lot to do with internet one can learn lot of things right from education to creative arts anything you name it internet has it . I went around the other stalls and had a glance the things which attracted me more is art woks, 3D printing , Automated Chess ,  skating board using remote and

6 year old kid who writes code for arduino

6 year old kid who writes code for arduino

 I saw this 6 year old kid who writes  code for Ardunio and  that made my day .


                    As this is the last day of makerfest mixed feeelings are rolling in my mind one is am going to miss the MakerFest and other is I am very satisfied that we Educated around 3000+ audience which include students , creators , teachers and Commom people about privacy and Mozilla Mission .


At the end of the Fest the only feeling i got is am very proud that am part of Mozilla Mission . If Anything i could take back from this event is lot of inspiration from small children who started changing the world .Thanks Trishul , Kumaresan , Ankit , Aman , Prathmesh , Mehul , Ashish and Kamlesh specially for capturing those awesome pics .  Special thanks to Santosh Vishwanatham for  helping out in every way possible and making sure everything went well.


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