Firefox OS-Connected Devices | April 2016

With the recent updates on the new project that Mozilla has initiated, to focus on ‘Internet of Things’ ( ‘Connected Devices’), Collab House in association with Mozilla Hyderabad community has held an event focusing on Developer boards like Raspberry Pi and Arduino and also the advantages of using Firefox OS to run these programmable boards.


     The session was took by Ram ( Mozilla representative ) and prasan datt  and started off with the intro to Internet of things and how the technology is changing by IOT also future of Iot .Later ram explained how Mozilla has initiated with Connected devices and future goals and participation areas regarding the connected devices  Then the demo of programmable devices had been shown to the participants by prasan dutt .



   Then there was this fun project made by prasan dutt where he wrote a code for raspberry such that when ever you put your hand near the sensor it sends email to the name mentioned in the code so for fun we put ram’s mail in code we continuously  sending the mails keeping the fun fact aside the code will used as a home automation project like when ever the water level increases certain point then we will get a message saying tank is in overflow.




The demonstrations of various makes by Prasan Dutt using Raspberry Pi and Arduino has made the session more interesting and engaging. The demonstrations included projects like:
  • Raspberry Pi enabled mobile phone.
  • Bluetooth enabled switch to trigger a signal( Using Arduino).
  • # tag detection using Twitter API
  • Calling Web APIs
  • An Arduino Mouse .etc



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